July 6, 2020

Kew Management welcomes all of our tenants back to work.  We want to let you know that our staff has been working to make changes to the building and to develop procedures that will make the buildings safe for reopening. We have prepared brief guides titled Keeping You Safe, which provides the details about what Kew is doing and what each and everyone of us can do to keep the Kew community healthy.

All tenants should familiarize themselves with the guides and are urged to share them with their entire staff. 

The guide includes:

  • Changes to the Building and Our Policies
  • The Part that Each of Us can Play
  • How Tenants can Prepare Their Spaces, Policies and Staff for Returning to Work
  • Helpful Resources

As Kew Management and tenants work through the process of reopening, Kew will update and revise procedures and protocols to best fit the changing situation.

Keeping You Safe – 1123 and 1133 – Updated
Keeping You Safe – 11 West 25th
Keeping You Safe – 255 Fifth Avenue
Keeping You Safe – 227 West 29th

June 1, 2020

Dear Flatiron & NoMad Property Owners, Retailers, Residents & Building/Property Managers:

Last night, the civil unrest in response to the death of George Floyd spilled over into Flatiron and NoMad.  This morning, Partnership staff recorded physical damage in our district, which consisted of cracked and broken storefront windows on approximately 13 buildings. Several stores were broken into and had merchandize removed as well.  We’ve been in coordination with various property owners and managers on the building damage and have observed many repairs. Our cleaning crews have assisted when needed while also addressing graffiti and damage to our district’s planners, trash cans and other public fixtures.

Although Flatiron/NoMad has not been the center of organized protests in Manhattan, that could change given our central open/gathering spaces and proximity to other congregating spaces like Union Sq. Nevertheless, the damage inflicted on local properties and businesses last night means everyone should be prepared.

We understand property owners and retailers are having to make some very difficult decisions right now on how to best protest their premises.  Based on our conversations with the NYPD and other BIDs, the Partnership suggests seriously considering the following precautionary measures to secure your buildings during any future civil unrest:

  1. Secure your premises/building:
    1. Remove merchandise from storefront;
    2. Install physical barriers on ground floor to prevent break-ins through storefronts or other ground-floor access points (points of entry/exit should continue to be operational);
    3. Leave lights on overnight on the ground floor;
    4. Check security systems, security cameras, security of entrances;
    5. Do not buzz strangers into building;
  1. Place garbage (residential or commercial) out in the morning for collection during the day and do not leave garbage on sidewalk overnight as it poses a potential fire risk

Please note that there are several planned day-light protests identified for north (Times Square) and south (1 Police Plaza) of our neighborhood.

Partnership staff are in close contact with our partners at NYPD and DSNY.  Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions/concerns. Wishing everyone all the best and be safe.


James Mettham

May 7, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Council announced that 40 miles of streets citywide will be opened to pedestrians and bicyclists to allow for greater social distancing as the weather gets warmer.

The Open Streets initiative is coming to our neighborhood today.  We will have three blocks free of thru-traffic*: from 25th Street to 28th Street blocks on Broadway.  In nearby Flatiron, there will also be three blocks free of thru-traffic*on Broadway, from 21st Street to the south side of 23rd Street.  Pedestrians and bicyclists can use the roadbed of the street — while keeping social distancing of at least six feet — and must wear a face mask in public.

Open Street hours will be from 10:00 a.m.  to 6:00 p.m.

Cross streets will remain open to vehicular traffic.

*Especially to be noted is that while no thru-traffic is permitted, the Open Street program does allow for local deliveries, pick-ups/drop-offs, and emergency vehicles.  Pedestrians and bicyclists should be alert to this traffic as well as the cross-street traffic.

Drivers making local deliveries, pick-ups/drop-offs, and driving emergency vehicles are asked to be vigilant and drive 5 MPH along Open Streets routes.

Questions about the City’s Open Streets Initiative? Find out more on the NYC DOT Open Streets Webpage. You can also call 311 or text 311-692.