August 5, 2020

Quarantine has inhibited quite a few of our favorite activities. However, it has brought New Yorkers the pleasant surprise of a boom in outdoor dining! Restaurants have taken to the streets all over the city, expanding their outdoor seating so that people can enjoy fine dining and drinks all summer long. Whether this be in the warm sunshine or under the moonlight, tables lining our NoMad neighborhood have been transformed into feeling like European piazze.

Phase 2 Dining in Open Streets

When New York entered Phase 2, this allowed for dining in open streets, with tables placed six feet apart. The City Council passed legislation that required the DOT (Department of Transportation) to identify outdoor areas around the city that could be used for additional outdoor seating – spaces like sidewalks, streets, and plazas.

This has helped businesses, especially those that have little or no outdoor dining space, to expand their footprint for the summer and hopefully survive the challenges that the pandemic has brought.

As of early June, there were over 45 miles of Open Streets throughout New York City, with plans to expand to 100 miles. Here is a listing of Open Streets in the five boroughs.

Sidewalk and Plaza Seating

While some establishments are still working with the DOT to gain access to this type of seating, our very own tenant, La Pecora Bianca, has been able set up tables on Broadway just below 26th Street. Almost immediately, restaurant-goers have seized the opportunity to enjoy its offerings and have once more been able to feast on their favorite Italian dishes.

Many other NoMad establishments have been equally excited to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room on 24th Street has expanded onto New York City streets and has even placed a couch on the sidewalk for customers to lounge on while they enjoy a drink. In addition, Eataly’s box is open on Flatiron Plaza, surrounded by tables for people to enjoy pizza, gelato, and summer drinks from their colorful kiosk.  Just this past Saturday, our wonderful Scarpetta opened its outdoor dining area, and it looks like a beautiful oasis.

To find out more about NYC’s outdoor seating, check out these articles and interviews: Flatiron, NoMad Restaurants Expand Seating to Curbs, Streets Amid NYC Reopening and Tracking the Reopening of New York City.

Map of New York City Restaurants

The New York Department of Transportation has provided a helpful Map of NYC Open Restaurants, including over 6,200 restaurants. The database can be searched by borough, zip code, or specific restaurant name and will inform you if the establishment has sidewalk seating, roadway seating, or both. It also lets users know if the restaurant has alcohol service or not.

NoMad Restaurants Offering Outdoor Seating

Here we have compiled a list of NoMad specific restaurants that are currently open for outdoor seating:

Although we are not out of the woods yet, at least we have been able to open up our worlds a bit; eat and drink under the open sky; and support our local businesses.

June 17, 2020

Now you can order a tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner from a growing list of our favorite local restaurants.   Enjoy some of the great tastes that NoMad is known for and support our neighbors in this challenging time.  Below is the most recent list of area restaurants that are providing food through deliveries and/or pick-up.


15 West 28th Street
Open: Sun, 4pm – 10pm; Mon – Fri, 11am – 9pm; Sat, 4pm – 10pm

Takeout and Delivery
Text to place order: 200-03
Order Online

Bazar Tapas Bar and Restaurant

31 West 26th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 11:30am – 10pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 510-8155
Online for delivery: seamless, grubhub, caviar, door dash, ubereats, chownow,

Black Barn

19 East 26th Street
Open: Mon – Wed, 11:30am – 8:30pm; Thurs, 11:30am – 11pm; Fri & Sat, 11:30am – 8:30pm

Takeout and Delivery
Call for pickup: (212) 265-5959
Online for delivery: seamless, grubhub, caviar

Every entree you purchase will buy a Heavenly Harvest meal for the elderly homebound through Citymeals on Wheels.

Blank Slate Coffee and Kitchen

121 Madison Avenue
Open: Mon – Thurs, 7:30am – 9pm; Fri – Sun, 7:30am – 7pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 683-7800
Order Online

Blue Smoke

116 East 27th Street
Open: Sun – Thurs, 11:30am – 10pm; Fri & Sat, 11:30am – 11pm

Takeout and Delivery
Call for Pickup: (212) 447-7733
Online for Delivery: caviar

Offer online orders for pickup catering, including small packages feeding 10 people and large packages feeding 25.

Bondi Sushi

6 West 28th Street
Open: Mon – Fri, 11am – 9pm; Sat & Sun, 2pm – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 490-4255
Order Online

Bourke Street Bakery

15 East 28th Street
Open: Tues – Sun, 9am – 3pm

Takeout and Delivery
Order Online

Orders are delivered at some point between 9am  3pm. Offer BSB Bread & Essential Boxes including fruits/veggies/pastries. Monthly subscriptions for boxes are available.

Café 28

245 5th Avenue
Open: Mon – Sun, 24 hours

Takeout and Delivery

Call for Pickup and Delivery: (212) 686-7300


Open through Parker and Quinn sister restaurant: 64 West 39th Street
Open: Tues – Sun, 9am – 3pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (646) 948-2370
Order Online

Offers specials of the day with wine pairings. Happy hour deals. Cocktail kits.

Curry in a Hurry

119 Lexington Avenue
Open: Mon – Sun, 11:30am – 10pm

Takeout or Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 683-0900
Order Online

Offers catering and bulk orders.

Dos Caminos

373 Park Avenue South
Open: Mon – Sun, 12pm –8pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 294-1000
Order Online: grubhub


500 5th Avenue
Open: Mon – Thur, 11:30am – 8:30pm; Fri & Sun 11:30am – 9pm; Market open daily 9am – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 229-2560
Order Online: caviar, grubhub, ubereats, doordash

Offers meal kits to make at home.


36 West 26th Street
Open: Mon – Fri, 12pm – 2:30pm; Mon – Wed 5pm – 10:30pm; Thur – Sat, 5pm – 11:30pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 206-7226

Offers heat-and-serve family meal kits. Kits must be ordered in advance and can be picked up or delivered.

Hill Country Barbecue

30 West 26th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 12pm – 8pm (takeout until 8:30pm)

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 255-4544
Order Online: grubhub, seamless, postmates, ubereats,,

Offers family—sized BBQ boxes.


378 Park Avenue South
Open: Mon – Sun, 12pm – 8pm

Phone Number: (212) 689-1090
Order Online: chownow Order Online

I Trulli

124 East 27th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 4pm – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 481-7472
Order Online

Offers large format catering and frozen pasta kits.


378 Park Avenue South
Open: Mon – Sun, 12pm – 8pm

Phone Number: (212) 689-1090
Order Online


27 West 24th Street
Open: Tues – Sun, 12pm – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 490-2100
Order Online

Offers value meals that are larger quantities for less.

King David Tacos

Physical location remains closed, but open for delivery when ordered in advance

Order Online

La Pecora Bianca

1133 Broadway
Open: Mon – Sun, 11:30pm – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 498-9696
Order Online: caviar, seamless, grubhub, postmates, doordash

Offers pasta kits


263 5th Avenue
Open: Mon – Sat, 5pm – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 683-2929
Order Online: chownow, seamless, postmates, ubereats, grubhub


22 West 25th Street
Open: Wed – Fri, 8am – 3pm; Sat & Sun, 9am – 3pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (646) 838-0700
Order Online


225 5th Avenue
Open: Mon – Sun, 12pm – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (646) 922-7289
Order Online

Mykonos Bleu Rooftop

127 West 28th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 1pm – 10:30pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (646) 484-4339
Order Online: grubhub, seamless, doordash

Panera Bread

330 5th Avenue
Open: Mon – Thur, 8am – 6pm; Fri, 8am – 5pm; Sun, 10am – 5pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 967-8683
Order Online


11 East 30th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 11am – 10pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 696-0300
Order Online


88 Madison Avenue (The James Hotel)
Open: Tues – Sun, 5pm – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 691-0555
Order Online

Now offers crafted cocktails to-go, 50% off wines by the bottle, rotating weekly special “family meals” inspired by a staff member, and meal kits coming soon!

Seven Grams Caffe

76 Madison Avenue
Open: Mon – Sun, 8am – 4pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 779-0777
Order Online

Shake Shack

Madison Square Park (Southeast Corner)
Open: Mon – Sun, 11am – 7pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 889-6600
Order Online


66 Madison Avenue
Open: Sun – Wed, 11am – 1am; Thur­ – Sat, 11am – 2am; Delivery every night until 11pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 725-3900
Order Online

Sous Vide Kitchen

119 East 23rd Street
Open: Mon – Fri, 11am – 7pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (646) 895-9232
Order Online

Offer COVID—19 grocery items and meal kits.

Sweetcatch Poke

66 Madison Avenue
Open: Mon – Sun, 11am – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 481-4020
Order Online


48 West 24th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 12pm – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 807-9200
Order Online

Tarallucci e Vino

44 East 28th Street
Open: Mon – Sat, 11am – 11pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 779-1100
Order Online: grubhub


168 Lexington Avenue
Open: Mon – Sun, 11am – 8pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 889-4999
Order Online: caviar

The Little Beet

333 Park Avenue
Open: Mon – Sun, 11am – 8pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 466-3330
Order Online: caviar

The Smith

1150 Broadway
Open: Mon – Thur, 11:30am – 9pm; Fri, 11:30am – 10pm; Sat, 10am – 10pm; Sun, 10am – 9pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 685-4500
Order Online: carviar, doordash, grubhub, seamless, ubereats


4 West 28th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 4pm – 10pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 684-8000
Order Online: grubhub


41 East 30th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 4pm – 10pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 481-0197
Order Online: seamless, grubhub

Wolfe Tone’s

37 East 29th Street
Open: Mon – Sun, 11am – 11pm

Takeout and Delivery
Phone Number: (212) 390-1688
Order Online: seamless, ubereats, grubhub

January 23, 2020

NoMad is thrilled to announce the start of Winter Restaurant Week, which is sure to entice the palates of all our resident food lovers from January 21st through February 9th. If you haven’t yet explored the wealth of dining options in our neighborhood or want to take advantage of the fixed-price menus to revisit some old favorites, this is the perfect time to do so.

La Pecora Bianca at Kew’s own 1133 Broadway is an ideal starting place for those who still haven’t had the pleasure of sampling its fine Italian cuisine. Stop by for lunch and begin with your choice of smoked mozzarella and tomato arancini, some classic meatballs, or if you’re in the mood for lighter fare, refreshing salad options. Then take your pick of the restaurant’s most popular main dishes, including arugula pesto garganelli with roasted wild mushrooms and — for an elevated alternative to your greasy spoon cravings — a burger piled high with provolone, caramelized onions, and bacon.

For a wider selection of the restaurant’s usual menu, drop in for dinner, where you can also enjoy La Pecora’s roasted chicken and its light and flaky branzino served with a red pepper vinaigrette, spinach, and pickled raisins. Be sure to leave space for dessert, or you’ll risk missing out on a roasted apple-topped olive oil cake, or for the chocolate fiends among us, a milk chocolate budino complete with cocoa nibs, crispy honeycomb, and candied hazelnuts.

Once you check La Pecora Bianca off your list — and possibly make a few repeat visits — venture out into NoMad to experience the multitude of places participating in Restaurant Week.

Some other neighborhood favorites worth a visit include:

Scarpetta, for an upscale Italian meal in an elegant setting.

88 Madison Ave
(212) 691-0555

Blackbarn Restaurant, which offers sustainably sourced, artisanal American fare in a suitably rustic locale.

19 East 26th Street
(212) 265-5959

Bread and Tulips, serving up hearty Italian classics in a cozy space in Hotel Giraffe.

365 Park Ave South
(212) 532-9100

Park Avenue Winter, for a unique and novel experience each time you visit, as both the menu and the decor change seasonally.

360 Park Avenue South
(212) 951-7111

Tarallucci e Vino NoMad, to enjoy handmade Italian pastries, fresh pastas, and a versatile wine list.

44 East 28th Street
(212) 779-1100

Marta, for Roman-inspired thin-crust pizza dished up in The Redbury New York hotel.

29 East 29th Street
(212) 651-3800

A full list of NoMad places that will be participating in Restaurant Week can be found here.

November 20, 2019
Caffè Marchio

NoMad has choices galore for every occasion from a quick business lunch to a formal night out. There are restaurants, bars and bakeries for brunch, lunch and dinner, where you can find a combination perfectly fitting your desires.  Sometimes in our routine we form habits, but PureWow in a recent article reminds us all to explore the richness of the international choices and innovations of great chefs.

You don’t need to look any further than Kew’s very own building at 1133 Broadway to find La Pecora Bianca, where you can get your fill of Italian classics with a twist, including short-rib and brisket meatballs in a hearty pomodoro sauce and a beet carpaccio served with goat cheese, kumquats, and toasted pistachios. The bright, modern space makes this a cheery spot for lunch or weekend brunch, while still being impressive enough for a night out. Don’t forget to enjoy the broad selection of Italian regional wines and a heaping portion of the decadent tiramisu to really make the meal worthwhile.

If your Italian cravings aren’t satisfied by La Pecora Bianca, then head over to the beautiful Caffe Marchio on 30th Street for a proper latte and a tempting array of pastries and sandwiches. Danny Meyer has captured the spirit of a Roman café so you’ll feel like you’ve taken a brief vacation.  Pop in during weekday afternoons for half-priced coffees that will give you a much-needed jolt to get you through the rest of the day.

Made Nice

Wander two streets down and you’ll find two places with fast service and nutritious foods, ideal for a speedy lunch at the office. Made Nice on 28th Street offers a higher caliber of standard grab-and-go sandwiches, salads,  grain bowls and the famous chicken frites (as well as some self-indulgent Milk & Honey soft-serve ice cream), thought up by the same chef behind the prestigious Eleven Madison Park. KazuNori on that same block, brought to NoMad by Californian sushi company Sugarfish, serves up reliable, well-priced hand rolls in a relaxed counter setting.

For a fancier atmosphere, 28th Street is also home to Quality Eats, with an inventive menu that features tamarind-glazed fried chicken and grilled Nueske’s bacon smothered in peanut butter and jalapeño jelly, as well as classic cuts of steak. Or try out Benno on 27th Street, with an equally creative fusion of Italian and French cuisines prepared under the direction of Michelin star chef Jonathan Benno, formerly of Per Se and Lincoln. Abandon your preconceived culinary notions and sample some American sturgeon caviar served with smoked egg yolks and tater tots for light snacking in their upscale lounge, or enjoy the rabbit confit agnolotti in the spacious art-deco styled dining room.


If you’re looking to share a meal with friends or coworkers in the area, Lamalo on 31st Street has a robust offering of contemporary Middle Eastern spreads and dips, along with freshly baked bread that you will surely fight to keep to yourself, as it is made by the city’s top carb connoisseur — Gadi Peleg, owner of Breads Bakery. Alternately, Atoboy on 28th Street is perfect for a small group that wants to explore chef Junghyun Park’s family-style elevated Korean dishes that change seasonally.

With the wealth of dining options right at your fingertips, NoMad is tastier than ever.  Pick up your week—get out and explore something new today.

September 24, 2019

Lukes 8

To kick-off its 10 year anniversary and in conjunction with National Lobster Day, Luke’s Lobster NOMAD will be serving a special Matt Hyland Lobster Roll starting September 25 through October 31.

Drawing from the Emily chef’s pizza roots, the roll is topped with chopped banana peppers, Italian green olives, and a sprinkle of Portuguese all-spice on top of Luke’s famously sweet and 100% sustainably sourced lobster in a split top, toasted bun.

The roll will be sold for $19 at all NYC locations, and they’ll donate $1 from every roll sold to Slice Out Hunger, working to end hunger here in New York. Visit for more details.

Lukes 3

Luke’s Lobster — Fresh, Succulent, Directly-Sourced, Environmentally Friendly

Luke’s works directly with fishermen to hand pick the best seafood, bring it straight to our own seafood company and then ship directly to our shacks. Cutting out the middleman means better tasting lobster, crab and shrimp for you to enjoy and a fairer price for our fishermen.

Luke’s serves seafood straight from the source, prepared pure and simple, without the filler., and it pairs its seafood with chowders and bisques, Maine-style sides, local desserts, natural sodas, and local microbrews.

Choosing partners who uphold Luke’s commitment to sourcing superior, sustainable ingredients, Luke’s Lobster strives to support other small businesses, many of which are based in Maine or local to the cities with Luke Shacks.

Luke’s Lobster (NoMad)
5 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10010
(646) 657-0747

Sunday – Thursday: 11 am – 9 pm
Friday – Saturday 11 am – 10 pm

December 19, 2018

News flash: Prohibition is over. It ended in 1933. But here in NYC, the speakeasy tradition has continued to flourish and thrive. Perhaps New Yorkers get a kick out of the idea of clandestine meeting places and doing something that feels illegal, even when it’s not. Whatever the reason, the latest trend seems to be random speakeasies—pop-up establishments for food and booze showing up in unmarked rooms across the city. According to our latest intel, a new sushi speakeasy opened up just this month here in NoMad, in an unmarked suite at Hotel 3232.

Hosted by David Bouhadana of Sushi by Bou, the new speakeasy features an intimate four-seat sushi bar where diners can enjoy a 60-minute curated 17-piece omakase for $125 a person. The suite also has an outdoor terrace with stunning views of the Empire State Building, where patrons can enjoy a full bar before and after the meal. In true speakeasy fashion, visitors check in at the hotel desk the evening of their reservation, where they receive a key to the hotel suite and instructions.

Getting a Reservation

Obviously, word is already getting around, and bookings are filling fast. Currently there are two ways to sign up for a time slot:

  1. Get on their list for updates as to the next available slots by filling out this form.
  2. Check their registration website around the first of the month, when slots for the following month are released, and try to sign up for your own slot.

Again, to keep things on the down low, you won’t be able to call them for information. Interactions are only via email.

Sushi by Bou operates two other speakeasy-style sushi experiences here in NYC—one at the Sanctuary Hotel on 47th Street and one at the Jue Lan Club on West 20th Street. Neither is quite as hush-hush as the one in NoMad. Make your plans now to enjoy a unique and intimate dining experience—just keep it under your hat.

Sushi by Bou
Hotel 3232
32 East 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016
(646) 692-3760

Monday – Sunday: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

August 28, 2018

In three short years, La Pecora Bianca has been experiencing rapid growth. Since opening its original location at 1133 Broadway in 2015, owner Mark Barak and chef Cruz Goler have expanded the concept to two other Midtown locations: one at 950 Second Avenue, and one more recently at Urbanspace at 570 Lexington Avenue.

Now, according to Eater New York, this popular Italian restaurant is set to expand to a fourth location, this time in Bryant Park. Slated to open next summer, La Pecora Bianca will set up shop in the new, soon-to-open Park Terrace Hotel located at 18 West 40th Street overlooking Bryant Park.

In the midst of its expansion, the restaurant has been careful not to take the cookie-cutter approach to its new locations. While making many of its signature antipasti and pasta dishes available across its sit-down locations (Urbanspace focusing mainly on paninis and salads), La Pecora Bianca has also customized its décor and its menu to each location so diners have a unique experience at each spot.

The original NoMad location at 1133 Broadway offers a Italian country kitchen feel, while its larger Midtown location exhibits a more modern sophisticated vibe. According to Eater, the Bryant Park location will feature a more Mediterranean dining experience, including dishes made in a wood-fired oven. In addition, the new location will have expanded operations to fit the unique needs of the hotel and its guests, including a take-out bakery offering pastries, paninis and focaccia, as well as room service.

As La Pecora Bianca has already established itself as a NoMad favorite, it comes as little surprise that the fast-growing restaurant is gaining quick popularity in other New York neighborhoods.   While waiting for the next La Pecora Bianca revelation in Madison Square, try one of its current locations.

La Pecora Bianca NoMad

1133 Broadway
New York, NY 10010

(212) 498-9696

Monday – Friday: 8am – 11pm

Saturday: 9am – 11pm

Sunday: 9am – 10pm

La Pecora Bianca Midtown

950 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10022

(212) 899 – 9996

Friday: 11:30am – 11pm

Saturday: 9am – 11pm

Sunday: 9am – 10pm 

La Pecora Bianca Urbanspace

570 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022

(646) 813-1832

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 11pm

Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 11pm

July 20, 2018

One of the advantages of having your offices in Kew’s NoMad buildings is access to some of New York City’s best restaurants.  During NYC Restaurant Week (July 23rd to August 17th), you’ll have a special opportunity to revisit favorite spots and try some of the great new neighborhood places you haven’t visited yet.  This year there are more NoMad restaurants than ever before participating and offering special prix-fixe menus for both lunch and dinner.

Explore and treat yourself while prices are low!  A two-course lunch is $26 and a three-course dinner is only $42.  We’ve rounded up the participating NoMad restaurants for you below.   And we can’t think of a better place to start than at our own great restaurant La Pecora Bianca.

La Pecora Bianca NoMad
1133 Broadway (25th/26th)

Blackbarn Restaurant
19 East 26th Street

Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room
6 West 24th Street

Bread & Tulips
365 Park Avenue South (26th/27th)

The Breslin Bar & Dining Room
16 West 29th Street

444 Park Avenue South (30th/31st)

The Clocktower
5 Madison Avenue (23rd/24th)

Dos Caminos Park Avenue
373 Park Avenue South (26th/ 27th)

36 West 26th Street

i Trulli Ristorante
124 East 27th Street

ilili Restaurant
236 5th Avenue. (27th/28th)

The John Dory Oyster Bar
1196 Broadway (28th/ 29th)

27 West 24th Street

Manzo (Eataly)
200 5th Avenue (23rd/24th)

11 East 31st Street

Park Avenue Summer
360 Park Avenue South (25th/24th)

Quality Eats NoMad
3 East 28th Street

Sarabeth’s Park Avenue South  
381 Park Avenue South (26th/ 27th)

88 Madison Avenue

SERRA by Birreria (Eataly)
200 5th Avenue, Roof (23rd/24th)

Trattoria Italienne
19 West 24th Street

July 9, 2018

Carved out in the basement of the newly renovated James Hotel-NoMad at 22 East 29th Street, The Seville is the latest offering from world-renowned LDV Hospitality. The club tips its cap to the NYC social scene of yesteryear, even deriving “Seville” from the original name of the hotel when the building opened its doors in 1904. Take the stairs below the James’ signature Italian dining establishment, Scarpetta, to discover an oversized-yet-cozy subterranean living room atmosphere, with plush sofas, armchairs and plenty of nooks for relaxed conversation and cocktails. Speaking of which, if you really want to immerse yourself in the moment, be sure to try a signature plank-smoked Old Fashioned or a Toki Highball, crafted by The Seville’s gifted bartenders and served tableside. (Check out the full menu here.)

If NYC nightlife is more your thing, just hang out awhile. The Seville also hosts a regular late-night rotation of live music and a stellar all-female DJ lineup (known collectively as “The Ladies of The Seville”). Depending on the evening, you may be bouncing to a ‘90s hip-hop set or jamming to classic rock from the ‘60s—both of which, by the way, have deep roots right here in New York City.

For being such a young establishment in an historic neighborhood, The Seville has already established itself as a go-to hotspot in NoMad, snagging rave reviews from critics and Yelpers alike and even attracting notables like Justin Timberlake. Whether you need to unwind after a long day at the office or blow off some steam on the dance floor, The Seville is just more evidence that you’re in one of the liveliest neighborhoods of one of the world’s most energetic cities.

Just one more bit of advice—make a reservation first. This place fills up fast.

The Seville at The James Hotel – Nomad
88 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016 (corner of 29th Street at The James New York – NoMad)
(212) 226-2833

Daily: 4 PM – 2 AM

May 23, 2018

Lunchtime in NoMad is an event in itself. Almost anywhere you walk in the neighborhood, you’ll find hundreds of excellent restaurants offering a vast array of options from quick bites to culinary delights. With all these choices, you could spend most of your lunch hour just wandering around, perusing the menus indecisively, only to grab a hotdog from the nearest cart just in time to rush back to the office. Opportunity lost.

No need to fret; we’ve compiled seven of the best lunch spots in NoMad where you and your coworkers can find a satisfying lunch without wasting time on the hunt. From the fast and (somewhat) cheap to the unique, be sure to check one of these places out on your next lunch break.

1. Inday

1133 Broadway

If you’re looking for healthy Indian cuisine served at fast-food speed, look no further. Inday’s counter-style service lets you choose three grains or veggies, two garnishes, a sauce and a crunchy topping served up in a bowl for $8.25—or add a protein for a couple dollars more. They’ve got a few “signature bowl” combinations, too, but most guests prefer to customize to their own liking.

2. Made Nice

8 W. 28th St.

Take the fine dining aesthetic of the world-famous Eleven Madison Park, put it into a casual lunch setting, and you have Made Nice, the counter-service venture of Daniel Humm and Will Guidara. With glorious menu items like carrot ginger salad, asparagus & cheddar soup, bahn mi sandwiches and chicken pot pie, you won’t believe you can get them to go.

3. Sweetgreen NoMad

1164 Broadway

If you’re not yet familiar with Sweetgreen—think of it as the farm-to-market version of fast food, made even faster by app ordering. Choose from a seasonally-changing variety of healthy salads and satisfying grain bowls, all assembled from locally and regionally sourced ingredients. But here’s a tip: Your money’s no good here. Sweetgreen went cashless last year, so bring a credit card, or better yet, just get the app.

4. PN Woodfired Pizza

2 W. 28th St.

Famed for their organic flours made from ancient, unrefined grains, PN Pizza lets you choose your own dough for the crust of your pizza—and you can definitely tell the difference. Lunch-goers can choose 2 items from their list of small bites, soups, salads and 7-inch personal pizzas for $18. (Worth it.)

5. Maui Onion

35 W. 26th St.

Hawaiian poke is taking NYC by storm—and here in NoMad, Maui Onion is where you get it. Choose from an array of signature poke bowls, or build your own by selecting a rice, protein, flavoring and extras.

6. La Pecora Bianca

1133 Broadway

Aside from the fact that this is some of the best nouveau-Italian food to be found in NoMad, La Pecora Bianca (translated “the white sheep”) offers both sit-down and counter takeout options. Grab a sandwich or salad to go, or if you have time for an extended lunch, have a seat and enjoy a bowl of their signature gramigna with sausage and broccoli rabe and a glass of vino—the way Italian food is meant to be enjoyed.

7. Luke’s Lobster

5 W. 25th St.

Okay, so this isn’t fancy, and it’s not Sweetgreen. But it’s good, quick, and a helluva lot tastier than the hot dog stand. Choose from a lobster roll, crab roll or shrimp roll, sourced from traceable, sustainable sources—or turn it into a salad. If you only have time to grab something to go—grab this.

September 3, 2015

La Pecora Bianca, Kew’s new tenant in 1133 Broadway is now offering coffee service from 7:00 a.m. each morning. You can enjoy your coffee in La Pecora Bianca’s front bar area or at one of the windows looking out onto Broadway. As you have probably noticed, the space is stunning, and it has already been tagged as one of the most beautiful new restaurant interiors in New York City. It would be a great place to start your day.

lpb coffee bar in nomad

In addition to a full menu of coffee drinks, espresso specialties, and morning pastries, La Pecora Bianca offers a traditional espresso service with biscotti and sparkling water on a silver tray.

The Cafe LPB is a more indulgent option that tops a sweetened iced espresso (called a “shakerato”) with Nutella whipped cream and cacao nibs.

The new restaurant serves a custom L’Italiano blend, made in collaboration with Toby’s Estate Coffee, roasted exclusively for La Pecora Bianca.

If you haven’t eaten lunch or dinner at La Pecora Bianca, check out the menu at, and make sure you try our staff favorites — the Anguria Salad: watermelon, cornichons, onions and goat cheese and Capesante: seared sea scallops with summer squash, guanciale, mint and shallots. After you have your morning coffee here, you’re sure to return for more of everything.