Enjoy Upscale Sushi at this Random Speakeasy in a NoMad Hotel Suite

December 19, 2018

News flash: Prohibition is over. It ended in 1933. But here in NYC, the speakeasy tradition has continued to flourish and thrive. Perhaps New Yorkers get a kick out of the idea of clandestine meeting places and doing something that feels illegal, even when it’s not. Whatever the reason, the latest trend seems to be random speakeasies—pop-up establishments for food and booze showing up in unmarked rooms across the city. According to our latest intel, a new sushi speakeasy opened up just this month here in NoMad, in an unmarked suite at Hotel 3232.

Hosted by David Bouhadana of Sushi by Bou, the new speakeasy features an intimate four-seat sushi bar where diners can enjoy a 60-minute curated 17-piece omakase for $125 a person. The suite also has an outdoor terrace with stunning views of the Empire State Building, where patrons can enjoy a full bar before and after the meal. In true speakeasy fashion, visitors check in at the hotel desk the evening of their reservation, where they receive a key to the hotel suite and instructions.

Getting a Reservation

Obviously, word is already getting around, and bookings are filling fast. Currently there are two ways to sign up for a time slot:

  1. Get on their list for updates as to the next available slots by filling out this form.
  2. Check their registration website around the first of the month, when slots for the following month are released, and try to sign up for your own slot.

Again, to keep things on the down low, you won’t be able to call them for information. Interactions are only via email.

Sushi by Bou operates two other speakeasy-style sushi experiences here in NYC—one at the Sanctuary Hotel on 47th Street and one at the Jue Lan Club on West 20th Street. Neither is quite as hush-hush as the one in NoMad. Make your plans now to enjoy a unique and intimate dining experience—just keep it under your hat.

Sushi by Bou
Hotel 3232
32 East 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016
(646) 692-3760


Monday – Sunday: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.