Famed Food Critic and Writer Ruth Reichl Visits Rizzoli Tuesday, April 2nd

March 22, 2019

Ruth Reichl, legendary food critic and writer is celebrating her new memoir, Save Me The Plums, with a visit to Rizzoli’s Bookstore at 1133 Broadway on Tuesday, April 2nd at 6:00 p.m.  She will be discussing the book with Francis Lam, food writer and host of The Splendid Table, and the discussion will be followed by a book signing.

Ms. Reichl was the food critic for The Los Angeles Times, then The New York Times, and in 1999, became editor of the country’s most lauded food magazine, Gourmet. She has authored over ten books and is recipient of four James Beard Awards, among many other awards.  Some of her major achievements as a critic were: demystifying the world of fine cuisine; her honesty about some of the not-so-fabulous aspects of haute cuisine, highlighting the sexism prevalent toward women in dine-out experiences, and spotlighting the pretentious nature of the ritziest New York restaurants.

As for her latest book, it traces her life from her hippie days in Berkley, through her transformation of  Gourmet and the rise of the farm-to-table movement that changed, forever, the way we eat.   Complete with recipes, Save Me the Plums is a personal journey of a woman coming to terms with being in charge and making a mark, following a passion and holding on to her dreams-even when she ends up in a place she never expected to be.

Reviews garnered for Save Me the Plums so far, include:

“This is the rare case of an amazing writer living an amazing life.”—Ann Patchett , award winning American author.

“No one writes about food like Ruth Reichl. She also happens to be a mesmerizing storyteller. I consider this book essential nourishment.”—Nigella Lawson, English food writer and cooking show host.

“Ruth Reichl is the best sort of storyteller—intimate, wise, frank, and completely engaging. Here she beautifully details her ten years running Gourmet, with all the triumphs and tribulations, and it’s a brilliant tale. Every page is rich and delicious; the book is such a treat!”—Susan Orlean, New York Times bestselling author of The Library Book.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear one of the legends of our time.

To purchase a ticket, please click here. Ticket price includes a copy of the book.