Our Own INDAY Honored by Zagat

January 10, 2018

There are hundreds of fast-casual restaurants across the five boroughs of the City. Last week, Zagat named INDAY one of the 11 best fast-causal restaurants in New York. No small accomplishment. 

Zagat said INDAY was named to the list for its inventive build-your-own rice grain and vegetable bowls. Noting that these bowls are packed with savory ingredients like chutney, chickpea curry, and succulent BBQ chicken, Zagat highlighted the fact that much of the menu is antibiotic free, local, and organic, with the entire lineup 100% gluten free. 

Zagat specifically recommended the Curry Flower and Red Elephant bowls as well as the  (G)rainbow(l) with quinoa and pickled egg.

Tucked in just off Broadway on 26th Street, INDAY opened a little over two years ago in a sleek space with a friendly staff. Ever since, it has been inspiring guests to think in a new way about Indian food.

INDAY has been named one of the best fast casual restaurants in NYC by Zagat

It is undeniable that today the desires for nourishment and exotic flavor vie with each other, and vegetables have taken center stage. Owner Basu Ratnam, says that is “what Indian food’s been about for hundreds of years.” INDAY has taken that traditional heritage and reinvented it to today’s tastes for lighter, cleaner, more updated style of cooking. Ratnam, says, “we aim to serve meals that are inspired by vibrant traditions in India, tailored to the way we eat today.” 

Take a look at the menu:

It features Signature Bowls, to keep customers balanced and energized, and Seasonal Bowls, which currently included warming spices and immune building ingredients. Or, you can make your own bowl by choosing from a selection of grains and veggies, garnishes, sauces, and crunches. If you like you can add additional protein to any bowl (fish, chicken, tofu, meatballs, or falafel). And all protein is hormone-free. The variations are so plentiful that you can have a different meal each day of the month.

Not the least of INDAY’s allures is its counter-service model that allows INDAY to maintain affordable pricing, with the average meal priced between $8 and $12 dollars.  

If you haven’t tried INDAY yet, you’re missing a great taste experience.   Enjoy healthy, exciting, reasonably priced lunches and dinners for the new year, while regaining your serenity in INDAY’s relaxing, airy space.  Treat yourself soon to one of the best fast-casual restaurants in the city of food.

1133 Broadway (on 26th Street)
(917) 521-5012
Monday – Sunday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.