Rizzoli Offers a Food Blogger Event: Beyond the Plate

April 10, 2017

Rizzoli is no stranger to fantastic events. The bookstore has hosted everyone from iconic artists Patti Smith and Iggy Pop to cultural touchstones like Diane Von Furstenberg and Sir Harold Evans.

For one of its upcoming events, Rizzoli bridges two neighborhood favorites — books and food. The Beyond the Plate event is a live exploration into the world of food blogging. The discussion, taking place on April 17th at 6 p.m., will center on the the release of Beyond the Plate, a new release that features some of the top food bloggers in the world and 60 delicious new recipes.

Bloggers Julia Gartland, Phoebe Lapine, Sarah Leung and Aleksandra Mojsilvic will be on hand to field questions from renowned food writers Daniela Garlarza (Eater) and Adam Sachs (Saveur).

The event will be fun, informative, free to attend, and (the best part) right downstairs. To learn more and discover other fascinating events taking place at Rizzoli, please visit RizzoliBookstore.com.

See you there!