Tenant Information Form

Tenant Information Form

If more than one company on your lease is a primary leaseholder, please fill this form out for each primary lease-holding company.

Company Details

The name you use day-to-day for your business, i.e. the one you use to market your company

Company Sign Information

This is the name that will appear on your new sign. Please enter it exactly as you want it to appear. The name on your sign must be the legal company name or DBA registered with Kew. No single line can exceed 20 characters. As stipulated in Rider 49 of your lease, standard office signs are required. Paragraphs 3 and 4 in your lease, also stipulate that no changes may be made to the hallways, without written consent of Kew Management, this includes the addition of unauthorized signs. Please provide below, the information you want on the standard sign for your office.
How many additional doors to your space would you like to have signs on? The cost for each additional sign is $200.

Lobby Directory Information

Complimentary Listing. Every tenant is entitled to three complimentary listings in the lobby directory. For
each additional listing, there is a one time set up fee of 
$60 and a $30 monthly service charge. Directory listings 
are limited to the legal names of the tenant company and
 approved sub-tenant company, any DBAs registered with 
the Kew Management office, and the names of the
principals of the tenant firms. You may enter either a
company name and second line (description, tag line, etc)
 or an individual’s name and second line (title, etc.) but 
only one for each listing.
(company or individual name)
(company description, tag line, etc. or individual title)

Principal Owner Information

Is the Company Publicly Owned?(Required)
If the firm has more than three owners please enter information for at least three owners

Sub Tenant Information

KewAccess.com Contact Information

Kew Management provides an online communication tool to help you keep in closer touch with us. With KewAccess (www.kewaccess.com) tenants can enter maintenance requests directly to Kew Management and monitor their progress; get service advisories and emergency notices; receive news about important events happening in the building; and find important building information, such as freight elevator hours, move-in and move-out polices, contact lists, forms, and more.
(office manager, owner, facilities manager, receptionist, etc.)