Tenant Spotlight: Terri & Sandy Solution

March 27, 2015

Terri Meyer and Sandy Greenberg

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Terri Meyer of The Terri & Sandy Solution for another Kew Tenant Spotlight.

After 25 years in big Madison Avenue agencies, Creative Directors Terri Meyer and Sandy Greenberg created The Terri & Sandy Solution in order to bring clients the best branding in faster, more cost-efficient ways. They have worked with brands such as Kraft, Nestle, Gerber, Oreo and more, winning six EFFIE Awards along the way.

Last year, The Terri & Sandy Solution was featured in the New York Times for their pro-bono ad campaign for The Bridges Academy, a school dedicated to educating academically gifted students who have learning disabilities. Terri and Sandy designed the campaign around historically great figures with learning disabilities, such as Leonardo DaVinci and Jane Austen.

For more about The Terri & Sandy Solution, visit their website.


Kew Management office space at 1133 Broadway

How did your company start?  

At the urging of our clients, my best friend and creative partner [Sandy Greenberg] and I left the world of big advertising agencies and started our own company. We had a fervent mission in mind: to bring brand-igniting communication platforms to clients in faster, smarter, more cost-efficient ways.


Describe your company in three words.

Loud, Strategic, and Magenta.


Why did you choose to be in the NoMad District?

We’ve always loved this neighborhood. We’ve got access to Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building is right down the street. We can swing by Eataly whenever we feel like it. Above all though, we love the community of people who also work around here. I personally cannot wait for Rizzoli to be in the building, although I’ll more than likely be turning over my paychecks to them.


How does the neighborhood influence how you do business?  

Almost all of our favorite places to take clients are nearby. For breakfast it’s the NoMad Hotel. They are wonderful there and have “our table” waiting for us every time we go in.  We’ll often bring gelato into the office from Eataly (and send our out-of-town clients there to visit), and we have our office lunches catered by Wichcraft or Schnippers.


What are some of your favorite spots to decompress after work?  

Love the bar at NoMad, the coffee bar at the Ace Hotel, Maysville across the street and Hill Country when I feel like honky-tonking.


Where’s your go-to for morning coffee?

Eataly. Hot or cold, they have one of the best cups of coffee in New York.


What’s been your favorite installation in Madison Square Park?  

Leo Villareal’s BUCKYBALL was stunning. Gave us all an excuse to work a little later just so you could see it in the dark.


What’s your favorite menu item at Shake Shack?

Definitely the milkshake.

Kew Management office space at 1133 Broadway