Architectural Digest Focuses on Eight Great Interior Design Tenants

February 7, 2020
Photo via Architectural Digest by Weston Wells

For the 125 years that the Townsend and St. James have stood, they have hosted the offices of some great names in architecture and interior design.  In the beginning, the famous architects who designed the Townsend and St. James, Cyrus Eidlitz and Bruce Price, respectively, had their offices here, along with Daniel Burnham, the architect of the nearby Flatiron Building and the World’s Columbia Exposition, and many others.

Today is no different, with well over 100 architectural and interior design firms, the buildings maintain their past heritage.  There are dozens of prize-winning firms here, and a few years ago, NYC&G focused on more than 21 in a two-page spread, which showed the wealth of popular designers in 1123 and 1133 Broadway.

Recently, Architectural Digest ran another article on 1133 Broadway “This Building Has Been a Design Hub for More Than a Century.  Meet its Tenants.” . The article provided insights into a small group of interior designers with offices here, including: Emily Butler, Bachman Clem , Robert Stilin, Alberto Villalobos, Josh Greene, Young Huh, Danielle Colding, and Shawn Henderson.Read this article and learn about your fellow tenants’ ideas, their designer heroes, where they source their projects, and what work they are most proud of.  Our particular favorite set of responses are the answers to “The designer you would like to meet, living or dead” and “The trend you hope will die.”  We think you’ll find them intriguing and entertaining, too.

Ultimately, the reporter was looking for an answer as to why the buildings have been a design center for generations.  As one goes through the answers provided by these current tenants, one realizes that it probably comes down to three factors that have always been here and one relatively new one:

  • Lots of great natural light
  • Fellow professionals that challenge and excite
  • Classic Gilded Age buildings with enriching detailing
  • Nearby access to a huge and diverse collection of showrooms for sourcing

Don’t miss the profile of these exciting designers; you’ll find their views fascinating and their work beautiful.  To learn more about them, visit their websites and enjoy looking at their stunning work.