Kew Hires Mulligan Security to Promote Tenant Safety and Comfort

February 27, 2020

Kew is pleased to announce that starting March 1, Mulligan Security will be tending to our buildings at 1123 and 1133 Broadway as part of our continuous efforts to keep our tenants as secure and satisfied as possible. 

Mulligan is a family-owned New York-based business that emphasizes its hands-on approach to serving its clients. With more than 1,400 employees, 50 clients, and oversight of 100 different properties, the company’s 25-year track record speaks for itself. As an added bonus, it has a proven history of working with established property managers, including Brookfield, CBRE, C&W, and RXR, making us confident it has the relevant experience to not just meet, but even anticipate our needs. 

Tenants can rest assured knowing that Mulligan offers top-of-the-line personnel and security. Its services were certified as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology under the Safety Act by the Department of Homeland Security — the first regional company in the state to receive this prestigious designation. 

Its employees, many of whom are former NYPD, FDNY, or federal law enforcement officials, go through Mulligan’s own licensed security guard training school with associated Fire Life Safety training to keep their skills up to the firm’s high standards. In fact, its training was so well received that the company was asked to be among the six organizations that helped develop New York State’s mandatory courses for becoming a licensed security officer. 

Mulligan’s strength also lies in the reliability of its security force.  You never need to question employees’ professionalism or dedication to their jobs.  The company ensures this by attracting the best people in the business and keeping them satisfied; it makes sure to offer workers comprehensive benefits, including excellent health and life insurance, paid holidays and vacation days, and 401k matching. 

In light of its extensive background and accomplishments in the industry, we are certain that Mulligan is more than qualified to provide top-notch, professional safety services for Kew’s buildings. 

A Special Tenant Advisory

We have confidence that our new team will enforce building policies as outlined in our Tenant Guide.  To make sure there are no difficulties, we want to remind our tenants that everyone entering the building must have an ID Check.  To make this quicker and simpler for tenants, we have provided Tenant ID Cards.  By showing this to the guard you can avoid any delay.

Many of you have been in the building for a long time and the former guards recognized you.  Naturally, this will not be the case in the coming weeks, please be aware that you should carry your ID Card whenever you enter the building to avoid any holdup on entering. Especially remember to take it when you run out for coffee or to pick up lunch.

If you have lost your ID Card or need a new one, please contact Yessy Ortiz in the Kew Management Office (212) 255-3346.