Tenant Spotlight: Prong

April 20, 2015

Prong mobile accessories

Prong’s mission is to design and manufacture electronic device accessories that simplify your life. No cords necessary.

In 2012, Lloyd Gladstone and Jesse Pliner created Prong’s flagship product, PocketPlug, It was the world’s first mobile phone case that plugs right into the wall, eliminating the need for traditional phone chargers. The innovative invention was praised by publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, CNET, Gizmodo and Engadget.

In 2015, Prong introduced the PWR Case, which features a detachable battery and built-in plugs. The PWR Case not only provides up to 100% more battery power, it untethers people from outlets; when you need to recharge, you can plug in the case and keep the phone with you.  

To read more about Prong’s dedication to detail, its commitment to the highest quality products and rave reviews of its products, visit the company’s website.

Mobile accessories and wireless charging accessories

How did your company start?

Like so many entrepreneurs, we had never invented anything. One day we were hanging out and Jesse’s phone died. He didn’t have his charger with him, so he was basically stuck without a phone for the rest of the night. We got to talking about how annoying it is that people feel compelled to carry their phone chargers with them just in case their phone dies. That’s when we had an idea: why not build a charger into the phone case? Prong was born.


Describe your company in three words.

Mobile accessory manufacturer.


Why did you choose to be in the NoMad District?

Our company mascot, Griffin, really likes the doggy park at Madison Square Park.


How does the neighborhood influence how you do business?

The central location allows us to be in convenient proximity to the other startups with whom we work.


What are some of your favorite spots to decompress after work?

We love Beecher’s Cheese and Flatiron Hall.


Where’s your go-to for morning coffee?

Starbucks… as long they spell our names right.


What’s been your favorite installation in Madison Square Park?

We were really digging Paula Hayes’s Gazing Globes – it was so cool to see at night!


What’s your favorite menu item at Shake Shack?

When the line is short, we’ll eat anything!


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