New Yorkers Helping New Yorkers: Doing Good for Those in Need Creates a Better Future

April 7, 2020

CBS News recently highlighted the extraordinary acts of kindness that tenant Deborah Koenigsberger has been doing with her nonprofit, Hearts of Gold. In a time when newsfeeds are inundated with alarming stories, Koenigsberger’s not only gives hope, it exemplifies how individuals can help make a difference in their local community.

Hearts of Gold’s mission is to work together with homeless or formerly homeless mothers and their children to help them become more confident and self-sufficient as they transition out of the New York City shelter system to permanent homes.

With NYC schools closed during New York’s PAUSE, it’s been a challenge for most parents.  This is especially true for parents who don’t have the luxury of owning a computer they can dedicate to virtual learning – and even harder when there is more than one child at home.

Koenigsberger helped a single mom of three, a freelance hairstylist currently unable to work during New York’s stay-at-home order, who did not have computers for schooling from home.  She gave the family three Chromebooks, which had been donated to the Hearts to Gold learning center – a facility that had to recently close due to the pandemic.

But Koenigsberger didn’t stop there.  After hearing that one of the kids was already struggling in school, she connected the family with a tutor.  Now the family not only has tools for all three children to get school assignments and hand in homework from home, they have a virtual tutor to help out as well.

Beyond education, Deborah Koenigsberger is committed to making sure these families have access to food and hygiene – something more important than ever now that schools are closed.  If families need food, they are encouraged to get in touch with her.

Providing essential services like this is getting harder as most every nonprofit’s resources are stretched.  Funding is always needed, but Koenigsberger tries her best to not let that be an obstacle.  If anyone has time, money, or goods to help this essential support, Hearts of Gold is always open to volunteers or donations.