Rituals Succeeds with Fine Customer Care and a Sustainable Business Approach

March 4, 2020

Kew is proud to count acclaimed beauty and wellness brand Rituals among its tenants at 11 West 25th Street. Rituals is built on the philosophy of “finding happiness in the smallest of things.” Its message has particularly resonated with the public amid a growing desire for products that don’t just improve your body but foster a deeper sense of self-improvement and care. It is no surprise that the company’s popularity has blossomed from its home European market to international fame in the last two decades, with stores in Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

By its own definition, Rituals merges advanced modern technology and cosmetics with ancient Asian traditions, yielding an array of luxurious products that seek to nourish both the body and the home. But the company doesn’t draw the line at just physical changes — it encourages people to create real and positive change in their lives by cultivating better habits.

The Brand’s Collections — or ‘Rituals’

Each Ritual is designed to elicit a particular effect in its user. Here are three examples from the Aweleven Rituals currently available.

Its Ritual of Jing line, for instance, is named after the Chinese concept of the same name and is meant to bring calmness and inner peace. The line includes serums, creams, and fragrances that promote sleep and relaxation, with accompanying tips, recipes, and yoga exercises available on the company’s website to further complement the products with these meaningful daily activities.

Its Ritual of Samurai, by contrast, draws from its ancient Japanese namesake and is designed to invigorate and boost confidence, with offerings geared towards male grooming.

Its Ritual of Happy Buddha collection begs to differ with naysayers who think cosmetics can’t create happiness, with an excellent assortment of oils, scrubs, balms, scented candles, and perfumes that celebrate positivity through the sweet scents of orange and cedarwood. These also come with four-step instructions for how to use them to build mood-enhancing routines, solidifying the brand’s message of comprehensive self-care.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Part of the company’s appeal is its efforts to use as many natural ingredients as possible and ensure its growth is sustainable and eco-friendly. As it notes on its site, Rituals is just as committed to caring for the planet as it is to caring for the individual body and mind. And there’s no need to look any further for gift ideas, as the company’s artfully arranged and reusable boxes are the perfect answer to making toiletries a personalized and thoughtful present for friends and family.

Good Things Ahead

In an age when online shopping has become increasingly more common, and brick and mortar commerce seems to be increasingly obsolete, Rituals still attracts customers to its stores by creating interactive shopping experiences. This can include anything from giving customers a cup of herbal tea at the door to a quick massage of their hands while waiting — unique touches that enhance the brand’s goal to “transform daily routines into meaningful rituals,” according to its UK Managing Director Penny Grivea.

Even though it has already enjoyed a rapid expansion across the globe, with locations in 27 countries, Rituals has no intention of stopping — it plans to open over 300 stores in the next two years, with a target of 1,040 stores by the end of next year. It is eyeing new stores in Singapore, Paris, Stockholm, and Arnhem in the near future, with a particular focus on boosting its presence in the Asia-Pacific region via more points of sale at major hotels and airports in key cities. Clearly, good things lie ahead for the Rituals brand and its growing base of devotees.

We eagerly await the opening of the company’s bigger and better stand-alone locations, as it seeks more room to display its constantly expanding collections. In the meantime, we are happy to visit the Rituals store at 172 Fifth Avenue to appreciate the soothing atmosphere and enjoy some real-time pampering as we shop for things that will bring the beauty and tranquility of a spa into the comfort of home.