Staying Healthy, Staying Sensible, Staying Sane

May 19, 2020

Everyone’s approach to staying healthy and staying sane is evolving as recommendations and protocols are updated. Unfortunately, after some advice is dispensed, there can be more questions raised than solutions offered. It’s best to consult trustworthy, objective sources and then synthesize what’s best for you in your particular living situation.

Tara Parker-Pope of The New York Times has an ongoing series, which is very informative. She speaks with and questions infectious disease experts, aerosol scientists, microbiologists, and other professionals, then reports clear, useful answers. The topics she covers are definitely top of mind for New Yorkers.

In one article, Parker-Pope answered questions about where the coronavirus might be and where it most likely isn’t. Below are a few excerpts:

Precautions after essential trips outside

  • For most people practicing social distancing and making only occasional trips to the grocery store or pharmacy, experts agree that it’s not necessary to change clothes or take a shower when you return home.

Concerns about the mail, packages, and newspaper

  • The risk of getting sick from handling mail or packages is extremely low. As precaution, after handling mail, packages, or reading the newspaper, dispose of the packaging and wash your hands. If you still feel anxious, take guidance from the New England Journal study and let mail and packages sit for 24 hours before handling them.

Viral contamination of hair or beard

  • You should not be worried about viral contamination of your hair or beard, if you are practicing social distancing. Experts agreed that even if someone sneezed on the back of your head, any droplets that landed on your hair would be an unlikely source of infection.

Read the full article here.

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As New Yorkers continue to move forward, it is important to stay healthy individually and as a community. Now more than ever, the actions we take and efforts we make today directly impact our shared tomorrow.