Tap Into Our Neighborhood’s Heritage with Virtual Jazz Concerts During the Lockdown

April 10, 2020

Nothing brings people together like music. Jazz, with its universal expressions, soulful melodies, and captivating rhythms speaks to us in ways words alone cannot. Hearing musicians coming together to create memorable performances confirms what greater good can come of joint efforts.

The community spirit of Jazz is part of what drove the development and growth of NoMad’s Tin Pan Alley. Its output of indelible songs influenced popular music of the time and continues to reach into the future, uniting people with its timeless tunes and rhythms. Even in times of isolation, Jazz can remind us of the bonds we still share.

Here are ways you can tap into the enduring power of Jazz.


If you’re looking for live streaming Jazz performances, Jazz at Lincoln Center’s guide keeps you informed about live digital jazz concerts and when they’re being broadcast. It’s updated continually so that you’re always in the know.


For those who want to share jazz with others, The Jazz Gallery in NoMad continues its live Happy Hour Zoom sessions with jazz musicians. Hear great music, interact with a Jazz Gallery musician, and join the Jazz Gallery community. Tickets are $15 or free for members. Sessions are limited to 10 people, so be sure to get your tickets ahead of time here.


Jazz at Lincoln Center continues to make Jazz performances, recordings, and playlists available:


To learn more about Tin Pan Alley, read this informative four-part series on Experience NoMad:

  • Tin Pan Alley’s name and accomplishments: Part 1
  • Tin Pan Alley’s musical styles and composers: Part 2
  • Social forces and technological developments that lead to Tin Pan Alley’s rise and fall: Part 3
  • Tin Pan Alley’s lasting significance on culture and business models: Part 4